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Tactical Ops Launcher


Tactical Ops is a renowned tactical first-person shooter game celebrated for its intense multiplayer gameplay and strategic team-based combat. I created a dedicated Tactical Ops Launcher using Tauri and Nuxt framework, specifically designed for Windows users.

This launcher revolutionizes the way players engage with the game by providing a convenient and user-friendly interface. Players can effortlessly browse and select from various versions of Tactical Ops, allowing them to enjoy diverse gameplay experiences and explore unique features offered by each version. The launcher also includes a server search functionality, enabling players to quickly find and join their preferred game servers.

By developing the Tactical Ops Launcher, my goal was to elevate the gaming experience for dedicated Tactical Ops enthusiasts. This centralized platform empowers players to effortlessly access and enjoy their favorite game versions, all within a seamless and optimized environment.

Work: App Design & App Development

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