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Hello travelers! 👋 My name is Tragio Quievera, and life created me a beautiful path for a Front-end Developer 🧑‍💻️. I'm currently based in Portugal 🇵🇹 and I love to engage in new challenges that help shape a better future for the planet. I'm flexible and can collaborate at any time zone ⏱️.

And now, you can sit with me to tell you a brief story of my path. I began playing with computers when I was 4 years young 👶 and at 9, I started having fun with web programming languages. From 9 to 16, I began jumping 🦘 from technology to technology, from Objective-C, NGINX, Apache, Swift, Unreal Engine, Unity, WordPress, PHP, C, Visual Basic, Redis, and more. While this didn't make me proficient in most of them, it gave me the core concepts that today make me more capable of understanding many challenges and having a general knowledge of how to see 👀 patterns and make better decisions.

At 16, I started working professionally, making WordPress themes from the ground up and often using barebones builders that allowed me to fully use my creativity and programming skills 🤹. One of my main passions working as a WordPress Developer was to take advantage of their engine 🚂 to make it the fastest and most secure possible. For that reason, I relied on WordPress and NGINX/LiteSpeed custom configs, FastCGI, Redis, CDN, Cloudflare, and other tools to create the best experience possible. Understanding the inner mechanics of WordPress allowed me to develop and maintain best practices and provide the best CMS experience for the clients.

In the last few years, I've mainly been using Nuxt and Gridsome. I can say that it has been an awesome ride. I adore using constantly ⚛️ Atomic Design, Cypress, Vercel/Netlify, Bulma, Front-end Validation, PWA, SASS, GraphQL, Rest, and Eslint/Prettier. I try to be as aware as possible of the performance and security across all development environments.

From the start, I do tree-shaking 🌲 as much as possible, local imports, and be knowledgeable of the dependencies of a package 📦️. With CSS, I try to use all techniques to avoid repainting and other expensive and unnecessary processing. And we could keep talking 🗣️ all day about third-party usage, preload/preconnect, render-blocking resources, fonts, image handling, asynchronous components, CSS purge, compression, caching, and so on. On the security side, I try to be mindful and comprehend the consequences of every aspect of the implementation. I also use tools to automate XSS, CSRF, SSL Stripping Attacks, Cookie 🍪 Security, CORS, etc.. vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

I have a good experience with back-end development, even though that's not what makes my heart vibrate to the fullest. However, I take time to enjoy it more. Docker/Kubernetes, LiteSpeed, Nginx, Django, Strapi, and Directus are some examples. Understanding this back-end world 🌐 can help bridge the gap between the back-end and front-end. I also enjoy understanding the back-end stack and how it's being implemented, so I can contribute with my knowledge and make better decisions on the front-end side. ❤️

Some Clients

CM Aveiro
Chaga Shop
The King of Herbs
Tribunal da Relação do Porto
CrossFit Aveiro
Montanha Car Service
Divine Tools
José Pedro Magalhães

Reaching the Next Level?

I'm always looking for new challenges that can make a difference in our collective world. Feel free to shoot me an email! Whether you want to hire me, have a question or just want to say hi, I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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